Meet the Builder: Reid Madiuk

The founder of Coast Essential Construction, Reid Madiuk is a 3rd-generation family builder, trained as a carpenter from an early age.

Reid’s homebuilding experience began as his father’s assistant when he was 12 years old. Shortly after high school, Reid furthered his interest and experience in building and carpentry, framing some of Whistler’s finest homes of the era.

At age 24, Reid built his first personal residence, and quickly began adding new skills to his repertoire. Taking a deep interest in architecture, design and the construction process, he decided that in order to truly deliver an exceptional home from start to finish, he needed to get more involved in the design process.

“Five years into my building career,I realized there were a lack of designers that truly understood the building process. So quickly learned Autocad and began designing. Five years later, I made the jump to vector works and started designing in 3D. Learning design has improved my work 100%”

After 20 years in the business, it is Reid’s firm belief that a strong working relationship between designer and builder – with both following a strict and proper process – is the best approach to building the ideal custom home. Further, an uncompromising attention to detail amongst all members of the building team makes all the difference.

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