This hybrid timber home was custom framed by the Coast Essential team in Whistler’s prestigious Taluswood neighbourhood.

This home was one of the most architecturally complex framing projects we have worked on to date. Though the concept was challenging, it’s the unique architecture that makes the concept truly exceptional, and our team was proud of the results.

The home is 5000 sq. ft. in size, built in log post & beam style with generous 22-foot vaulted ceilings. Hidden within the logs is a solid steel frame core, which is covered from the base posts up to the framed rafters with specially treated logs. This soaring architecture extends to the roof, which is hand framed in Douglas fir timber.

Combining the steel core with timber and logs presented its own set of challenges. First, our team had to plane all surfaces to create the perfect fit. Next, the framing required spacing that accounted for the shrinkage differences between steel, engineered lumber, and timber logs, allowing for movement amongst the materials as weather conditions change.

The final challenge was accounting for the huge spans of log and glass in the home’s open spaces. Always thinking two steps ahead, the team was able to engineer a framing concept that kept these spaces secure, achieving the best possible result in the time frame allowed.